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Apr 5, 2021
Princess Bunnylestia
Promised to do this as soon the Easter Folio sales goal was reached, but well better late than never

Happy Easter! And enjoy Tia in this sexy bunny outfit :3
suggestive9636 artist:pia-sama26 princess celestia (mlp)544 alicorn2186 equine17830 fictional species38980 mammal62201 pony15276 anthro46749 plantigrade anthro3755 friendship is magic15258 hasbro17111 my little pony16938 20213415 absolute cleavage161 abstract background3499 belly button6745 big breasts5676 bow1215 bow tie313 breasts20834 bunny ears128 bunny suit86 carrot145 cleavage2104 clothes27169 cuffs (clothes)42 digital art9421 easter56 erect nipples517 eyebrows2639 eyelashes5498 feet1287 female48673 food2485 fur22967 hair16375 hand hold911 high heels399 holding2220 holiday1141 horn6352 long hair1163 looking at you14968 multicolored hair819 multicolored tail366 nipple outline667 nipples12903 open-toed shoes2 purple eyes1909 shoes2554 small wings19 smiling13701 smiling at you1307 solo47791 solo female29425 tail33590 toes193 vegetables337 white body4943 white fur6084 wings9384


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