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I'm not sure what made this piece happen… Maybe a caffeine driven emotional trip, maybe the music that I listened to… Most likely both… But the end result is something I'm genuinely proud of. I can't remember the last time I tried to capture and convey intense emotion to this degree. I'm quite fond of the graphic-novel-esque aesthetic that this one has, the contours and jagged lines of tense muscle. It feels more layered the more I look at it. Probably because this ended up having 45 layers in the end. 0.0

There's some blood, but not enough to warrant a mature content filter, I think. If you think I'm wrong, just let me know. I'll change it.

Looking for context? I don't really have any. But I've decided that Tails is frantically clawing his way to help his wingman, leaving the golden promise of home and careening into the storm in a desperate attempt to save a friend. When a "routine" sky patrol becomes aerial hell, what other option is there? It's what any decent person would do, right?

Something I'd like to add: As this piece developed, I tried to incorporate some feelings and ideas that resonate with me personally. Looking at it now, I get a sense of uncompromising rectitude and honor emanating from the two tailed fox. His sacrifice to help another, at the expense of his own fear and pain, and possibly his life. It's something I think about a lot. It occurred to me that this is simply a dramatized circumstance that I face everyday in real life. Every tiny jab at my honor, every small temptation to stray away from what I know to be right… My morals, those are my wingman. So long as I live I will not stand to have them shot at and hurt. I will stand by them and defend them, just as any soldier would fight to preserve his brother. This idea of being right is so important to me. I hope it's important to you as well. To be right not because you want happiness or comfort or convenience, but to understand what is true, and actually good. And standing by that no matter the price.

Making this picture has been a really interesting self-examination. I've come out of this a little more motivated to stand tall and strong for what I believe in. Maybe you just see a nifty picture. That's totally fine. But I hope that maybe you think about what's important to you. Maybe think about what you would give to preserve that something. It's a tough question when you actually think about it. Certainly being right is not always glamorous and happy. Quite the opposite, if history is anything to go by.

I realize I made an essay out of a picture featuring a cartoon character in a situation he would never face canonically, but… Well. I said earlier this is important to me. I guess I went on kind of a rant, but I don't know. Maybe it was thought provoking?

sigh I'm not sure what to say now. Leave a comment, Like, and Subscribe? lol

Maybe I will make a YouTube…

Anyway. I'll leave y'all to it. What do you think? Does this picture make you think about these sorts of things? I'm curious!

I appreciate it if you've made it this far, thanks for reading. And thanks for viewing! Have a good day y'all!

Published: Aug 17, 2017
safe58270 artist:forktaileddevil1 miles "tails" prower (sonic)537 canine26674 fictional species54252 fox9608 kitsune684 mammal87756 anthro69132 sega3693 sonic the hedgehog (series)3685 20171874 aircraft154 airplane108 blood727 brave1 clothes39590 cloud2456 description is relevant22 determined29 fur35712 helmet628 imminent death83 injured40 inspirational1 jet10 lightning123 male39593 outdoors4101 pilot17 sacrifice5 sad508 selfless1 serious14 serious face4 sky2480 solo67637 solo male14184 vehicle734 wound19


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