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I invited Ponyseb to Australia to show him around some of my favourite places in Aus.
Yeah, turns out he's scared of heights.

Ponyseb belongs to MrStheArtist
Original photo here
safe42873 artist:didgereethebrony27 edit899 oc30703 oc only20912 oc:didgeree45 oc:ponyseb (brown hair)13 equine17814 fictional species38911 mammal62083 pegasus4462 pony15264 feral26689 friendship is magic15248 hasbro17099 my little pony16926 1000 hours in ms paint70 absurd resolution942 australia11 blue mountains2 cap344 colored wings39 didgeseb (brothers)6 hat3230 kanangra boyd national park1 kanangra walls1 male29501 male/male2680 photo1195 photo background129 ponies in australia4 ponies in real life10 scared178 stallion1714 wings9374


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