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Originally posted on: December 21 2016
Shantae Sketch: Tuki!

Various Shantaes from the new porn simulator. I mean video game.
safe42874 artist:plague of gripes612 tuki (shantae)3 fictional species38912 reptile5392 snake1062 anthro46635 naga220 shantae (series)65 20161495 breasts20781 dialogue4251 featureless breasts804 female48562 furry confusion9 hand hold911 holding2219 jug8 milk194 solo47701 solo female29357 talking5325 talking to viewer331 vase29


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Anonymous #2D19
Nah, I'm used to it, like… Princess Ember from MLP's milk? I've seen that, lol. But for it to exists, it just un-reptile lol.