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Ok so I didn’t like the original color palette and some other stuff so I edited them #mlpg5 #brony #mlp
safe45533 artist:dyonys29 izzy moonbow (mlp)340 pipp petals (mlp)210 sunny starscout (mlp)275 earth pony4195 equine18445 fictional species40981 mammal66086 pegasus4582 pony15735 unicorn5800 feral27576 hasbro17678 my little pony17490 my little pony g5618 spoiler:my little pony g5619 20214262 braid371 circlet143 feathered wings4275 feathers5918 female52204 females only2134 happy1361 horn6540 mare6943 open mouth14210 smiling14470 tail35496 trio2145 trio female378 wings9692


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