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Jan 31, 2021
Laundry day
Time for Adira to wash and dry some laundry, including the clothes she was wearing. :3

The top voted sketch suggestion from November! Original suggestion by SomeOtherTom:

Laundry Day: Adira hangs up her laundry to dry in the nude.
safe38387 artist:heresyart34 adira (twokinds)4 big cat2074 feline10028 fictional species35688 keidran88 mammal55487 snow leopard277 anthro41076 digitigrade anthro4210 twokinds107 20206815 4 toes146 belly button5627 black hair1292 breasts17820 casual nudity191 cheek fluff3218 chest fluff4522 complete nudity668 detailed background694 ear fluff3343 elbow fluff313 eyebrows1890 eyelashes4278 featureless breasts673 featureless crotch808 female42765 fluff11419 fur20003 hair14328 hip fluff101 holding object705 laundry3 leg fluff718 nudity23215 outdoors2803 sheet grab24 sheets33 short hair231 shoulder fluff1045 signature8051 solo42477 solo female25878 spots177 spotted fur869 spotted tail19 standing2616 tail30385 tail fluff2086 white body4174 white fur5361


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why u have such a obessedion wit hcollars and leashes good grief? n to think i used to like this bs… fuck flags btw im not into tyrannay! respect fucking tyranny yea u wis h bitches!