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Viw's Art

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From the beginning of April 2021 (to be confirmed), Mr.S and PonySeb 2.0 will no longer have the same long-sleeved white shirt and their two-tone blue and white caps. They will now have a gray jacket with a gray-black hood and white drawstrings. As for the cap (snapback), it would be gray of the New Era brand with their symbols that represent them. As for Mr.S, he now has his new hair color: all black with a big blue line in the middle of the hair (that's what I will also do at the beginning of April 2021: change my hair colors to make it more fashionable and more epic). So, what do you say?

The base used for PonySeb 2.0 belongs to ElementBases
safe37790 artist:mrstheartist111 oc27708 oc only18651 oc:mr.s9 oc:ponyseb 2.056 equine16421 fictional species35112 human3705 mammal54739 pegasus4099 pony14101 feral24419 friendship is magic14522 hasbro15830 my little pony15688 20206759 absurd resolution820 clothes23547 duo12708 gradient background1402 hoodie868 male26464 new design1 self paradox209 snapback8 stallion1570 the sebs duo4 topwear6769


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