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Feb 10, 2021
That character from aggretsuko

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suggestive8289 artist:ravirr9419 inui (aggretsuko)26 canine15653 cocker spaniel141 dog4919 mammal55487 anthro41076 digitigrade anthro4210 aggretsuko253 sanrio335 spoiler:aggretsuko s330 20211877 bed2008 bedding21 bedding background7 breasts17820 brown nose176 butt7457 complete nudity668 eyebrows1890 eyelashes4278 female42765 fluff11419 fur20003 head fluff1291 high res1829 long ears546 looking at you12774 lying down4577 lying on bed392 nudity23215 on bed703 on side477 paw pads3326 paws7867 solo42477 solo female25878 tail30385 tail fluff2086 tan body1467 tan fur1838 top view206 underpaw2437 white body4174 white fur5361 yellow eyes1685


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