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Finee i joined the trend of drawing this wolfy gurl
she has pretty colors

Audie- Animal crossing Nintendo
suggestive8216 artist:teranen80 audie (animal crossing)66 canine15467 mammal54739 wolf3200 anthro40611 animal crossing1084 nintendo8196 20206759 belly button5548 big breasts4570 big tail350 bikini1224 blonde hair724 blue eyes5406 blushing8299 breasts17621 brown nose164 chest fluff4400 cleavage1708 cleavage fluff65 clothes23547 dipstick tail322 ears3955 eyebrows1846 eyelashes4178 female42144 fluff11151 fur19639 glasses2655 hair14067 multicolored fur1455 orange body1556 orange fur1970 shoulder fluff1034 smiling11864 solo41867 solo female25476 sunglasses466 swimsuit1415 tail29882 tail fluff2039 thick thighs1387 thighs3389 two toned body735 two toned fur638


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