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My patrons voted for Krystal for this month so I finally got to draw her! 🦊
Thank you so much for your support! 💕

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questionable15291 artist:evomanaphy101 krystal (star fox)749 arthropod1930 beetle28 canine22493 firefly49 fox7934 insect955 mammal74777 anthro56736 nintendo11318 star fox1012 20208786 areola9536 bath346 belly button8662 big tail444 black nose3991 blue body2960 blue fur4250 blue hair1992 blushing11155 body markings953 breasts26425 bubbles290 cleavage fluff307 cyan eyes561 detailed background1095 ear fluff4723 ears7648 eyebrows3808 eyelashes8124 female59278 fluff15134 fur28533 grass1555 hair20809 hair accessory582 hair band129 human vulva1324 looking at you18116 multicolored fur2900 nipples16138 nudity31658 rock463 short hair421 smiling15736 solo56651 solo female34751 tail39283 tail band143 thick thighs2544 thighs7220 tribal97 tribal markings287 two toned body1419 two toned fur1209 vixen2952 vulva12623 water3039 waterfall191 waterfall shower20 wet998 white body6384 white fur7418


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