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Squirrel Legacy II: Children of the Nut

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My patrons voted for Krystal for this month so I finally got to draw her! 🦊
Thank you so much for your support! 💕

questionable52270 artist:evomanaphy144 krystal (star fox)3239 arthropod5125 beetle110 canine79687 firefly111 fox28932 insect2892 mammal231402 anthro204146 cc by-nc-nd859 creative commons2306 nintendo59200 star fox3959 202017671 areola39512 bath640 belly button49654 big tail1401 black nose32668 blue body8335 blue fur7825 blue hair4576 blushing38546 body markings2688 breasts129641 bubbles538 cleavage fluff734 cyan eyes1377 detailed background21241 ear fluff11819 ears83019 eyebrows7342 eyelashes70305 female206782 fluff40483 fur109843 grass3400 hair98330 hair accessory2090 hair band266 human vulva1650 looking at you75426 multicolored fur7588 nipples69768 nudity112466 outdoors9459 rock884 short hair1624 smiling43170 solo188837 solo female136340 tail138043 tail band254 thick thighs21557 thighs80769 tribal287 tribal markings1727 two toned body4775 two toned fur3683 vixen12892 vulva53394 water9558 waterfall482 waterfall shower56 wet2105 white body16890 white fur16301


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