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Viw's Art

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Location: East collapsed wing, Metal Eagle Bunker, Scrubland National Park, Sinad
Day: July 17, 05:23 AM
Weather: clear

The Metal Eagle Bunker is a military underground network abandonned since 19██ after a spill of radioactive containers that have increased radiations into dangerous levels. The bunker is supposed to be sealed and buried under meters of dusty dirt… but it seem like the bunker has been discovered again… and it seems like something is living there.

Say hello to Vinz, the Tennessine elementary dragon. At least this is how people name him.
Tennessine is supposed to be so radioactive, that it's half life only lasts a few microseconds. No lumps of Tennessine have been observed and it is technically impossible to do so. Researches say that tennessine is supposed to be a reactive post-transition metal that easily sublimates like Astatine and Iodine are supposed to. Being under these two, Tennessine might also be dark gray to black, with a certain logic.

So yeah… Vinz grows metallic-looking crystals around his body and times to times, they break appart, orbit around Vinz and sublimates into a deep dark purple, almost black radioactive gas. His left eye is permently "corrupted" by the element Tennessine, which messes with his mind and might give him rare but intense strokes.

The light coming from his eye also gets more intense when he uses his main ability: mind control. For a short period of time, he can control someone else and do whatever he wants. However this technique drastically weakens Vinz.

Vinz is pure evilness and you shouldn't come accross his path.

Vinz © l-Tech-e-Coyote-l
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Artist desc: …reactive post-transition metal that easily sublimates like Astatine and Iodine are supposed to…
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