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safe34628 artist:ixerin45 oc25612 oc only17130 oc:bowrll2 dinosaur539 raptor222 utahraptor32 feral22697 2008127 bottomless1075 claws6010 clothes21281 dromeosaur39 feathers4873 female38124 fluff10178 hoodie794 nudity20789 partial nudity2172 reptile feet383 simple background14967 solo38104 solo female23085 species swap1506 tail27240 topwear5990 white background5797 yellow body1187


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Anonymous #7F71
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Luna's Pet Pony
@Anonymous #7F71
Hello there!

If you take notice an image is lacking proper gender tags or any other applicable tags for the matter please do feel free to add them to the image so everyone can benefit and be on the same page.

Nobody seems to have had ill intention here, so lets calm down in here. Mistakes happens and it's important to address them in a calmly polite manner to avoid needless antagonizing.

Noah Truman
@Anonymous #7F71
Well, get learning already, Mother Nature has some time for you to learn.

There are female artists here, and even likely equal or more female staffs here, so get working to change your habit, you can speed up your learning process if you can see the importance of what you'll learn more.

- Want to refer gender? Check the source if tags are not telling the gender.
- If unknown at all even from source, refer as "they/them", I refer to most users here whom gender unknown as this all the time, while using "it" is dehumanizing, English language could be better with gender-neutral pronouns.
- Facts beats opinions and assumption, especially gender assumption.
- Who knows if one day you'll come across an artist/uploader one day, and they got mad at you or bully you for assuming wrong gender?

I am not angry yet, just giving fair warning.

Btw, this dinosaur, she looks like a boy too much…

I did not mean any of this to be a persional attack. All I am asking is for some room for mistakes. I had a wonderful art teacher in 5th and 6th grade. She was very talented with her art. I must also state that this was the two years that helped shape my art in a scifi way. In high-school I got into fantasy and it split into anthro art. I am open to other religions, but I do not convert and I do not expect anyone to convert. Most importantly though I am not sexest and I do not hate even though I may disagree sometimes. I can't prevent myself from assuming gender. People always assume the gender of my OC as female because of his name being Lily. Allowing people to learn and providing time to do so is respectful. To demand one to learn is an act of bullying and unrully taxation.

Noah Truman
@Anonymous #7F71
"she", check the source, I told ya already…
Be careful as mistakenly referring the wrong gender like this can offend the artist or the artist's OC, but this dinosaur looks like a male at first, even some canon female characters look like boys, I cannot blame you for that, somehow, but be more careful.

I am not familure with how to check sources on here. I looked at the tags and found zero info on gender. After you mentioning it I do see a URL link. Please do not get angry with me because I am slow at learning sometimes. I have told whome ever seeing that your listed as Anonymous that I am a conservative Christian from the heart of America. (The gateway to the west) This stuff is not easy especially when your around a lot of male artist. Mind you I had some very talented art teachers in my child hood. So plaese be patient with me and I will try to do better.

Noah Truman
He looks too happy. What is he looking at or is he on cloud nine? I get like this sometimes when I am in my wonderland and one of my tulpas are being a dork. Oh dear do I give people the wrong idea sometimes.