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Romantic commission for Yak0ne featuring Demdoe!
I'm sorry I've been having a hard time responding to notes, emails and socials between commissions. I'll get back to everyone soon.
safe37790 artist:butteredshep6 oc27708 oc only18651 oc x oc297 oc:bernie (demdoe)7 oc:yakone (yak0ne)4 bernese mountain dog15 canine15467 dog4864 mammal54739 wolf3200 anthro40611 digitigrade anthro4131 20206759 all fours457 anthro/anthro1893 autumn90 bench106 brown body2967 brown fur3761 commission3112 couple162 cute3492 digital art7970 duo12708 duo male1430 eye contact102 face to face221 featured image67 floppy ears1584 fluff11151 fur19639 gray body1933 gray fur2658 holding2012 imminent kissing9 leaf382 looking at each other1131 lying down4479 male26464 male/male2471 males only2078 multicolored fur1455 on back1997 outdoors2766 park39 park bench8 paw pads3281 paws7774 pink nose415 romantic49 shipping3686 signature7957 sunset215 tail29882 tail fluff2039 trash can21 tree1931 underpaw2409 white body4052 white fur5254


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