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Meet Catrine. Catrine was originally a popular female idol who, upon being transformed, ended up turning into a male Sylveon Pokemorph. Though he briefly felt a little awkward after the change, Catrine quickly took to his new body, enjoying every aspect of being a Pokemorph. Even the change to male was something he embraced, viewing it all as a way to reinvent himself.
Due to Catrine’s status as a popular idol, the knowledge and existence of Pokemorphs quickly spread farther than it already had across the region, and even beyond it. Catrine was more than willing to promote the wonders of becoming part Pokemon.
His transformation also served a secondary effect, as there were many newly transformed Pokemorphs who were afraid of their own changes, worrying about if they were freaks or not. With a popular idol having also been changed, and out there spreading the news and promoting the concept of Pokemorphs, it helped improve their confidence and view of themselves.
safe67660 artist:erisubara1 eeveelution3369 fictional species65264 mammal105948 sylveon543 anthro86507 plantigrade anthro6086 nintendo21584 pokémon15487 blue background854 blue hair2844 blue sclera243 bow1960 clothes49854 colored pupils836 colored sclera4387 ears21531 femboy1225 front view4046 genderbender5 genderbending16 gloves5284 hair37664 hair bow599 long ears1226 looking at something642 male46349 one eye closed4725 pokemorph22 shoes4748 signature10983 simple background30167 solo82707 solo male15698 standing4140 tail60523 teeth14674 transformation1062 transparent background5253 white pupils94


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