“We steel emerwoods.”
safe101186 artist:nictrain1231 knuckles the echidna (sonic)447 rouge the bat (sonic)1138 bat2021 echidna561 mammal156310 monotreme603 anthro132750 cc by-nc-nd804 creative commons2189 sega7388 sonic the hedgehog (series)7361 16:91973 20184997 3d3112 brown eyes2511 eyes closed12375 funny460 garry's mod152 group9894 laughing439 master emerald36 meme1173 multeity117 purple eyes3360 quills1636 red tail303 self paradox413 tail90370 this will end in chaos11 this will not end well186 ugandan knuckles25 wallpaper1899 we are going to hell5


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