Last month’s supporter poll actually had a tie, so here’s the other winner! yitexity’s super adorable femboi bunny~ Glad I got to draw him!
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safe93692 artist:whisperfoot484 oc64529 oc:texi (yitexity)14 lagomorph8142 mammal145537 rabbit7937 anthro123032 blushing25353 butt28431 choker1699 clothes70104 dialogue10756 femboy1614 fur62376 gray eyes489 heart7140 kneeling4550 looking at you46204 makeup2983 male61420 one-piece swimsuit870 open mouth35196 paw pads8593 paws16564 pool275 solo116584 solo male20426 sweat3987 swimsuit8185 talking12467 text12394 trap74 underpaw3939 water6547 white body11053 white fur11357 wristband337


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