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Original description:
This animation was included in a compilation video by the artist: >>350144

safe167886 artist:tontaro566 fictional species153659 litten158 ogerpon31 sprigatito838 anthro231992 feral67843 nintendo66843 pokémon50242 spoiler:pokémon gen 94012 spoiler:pokémon scarlet and violet4006 1:13929 202426180 2d20817 2d animation4873 amber eyes2598 ambiguous gender23226 angry2990 animated9675 belly2676 belly fluff377 big ears1090 black belly10 black body8062 black ears180 black fur7218 black tail631 blush lines315 blushing43054 body markings2972 casual nudity1162 cheek fluff9440 closed mouth263 colored pupils1250 complete nudity4284 cosplay1752 cute14940 cute little fangs1711 ears99887 emanata219 facial markings732 fangs10695 female235867 fluff44117 front view7607 fur128276 gif7036 gray inner ear4 green body2624 green ears41 green face22 green fur1409 green head14 green tail199 group15658 happy3327 head fluff3327 head marking526 heart11758 jealous69 leg markings45 lidded eyes5276 long tail2303 looking at each other5237 loop383 monotone tail18 multicolored body3344 multicolored face319 multicolored fur8489 multicolored head65 neck fluff11480 nudity126463 one eye closed10825 open mouth59646 open smile8285 orange face5 paws28489 pink tongue321 pointy ears1268 pose26810 red body3763 red eyes7276 red fur2703 red heart13 shadow884 short tail5489 signature20228 simple background74322 sitting19791 slit pupils1552 smiling48399 sparkles678 speech bubble13171 standing8976 starry eyes352 starter pokémon11254 tail160059 tail fluff8212 tail tuft2349 tail wag1703 teeth32134 thighs97758 three-quarter view4572 tongue47478 trio8268 two toned body5483 two toned fur4311 two toned head63 unamused2950 white background24866 white pupils261 wingding eyes3378 winking3001 yellow eyes4961


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