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Commission from tumblr
When you get old enough, you kinda forget that there's still risks.
Tumblr Source
Commish for @randomanonman

Some Gran Bun accidental impreg!

Remember guys, she’s QUITE BIG for future reference

This guy is 5′11″ for scale
explicit16272 artist:mcsweezys155 oc36221 oc only23714 oc x oc476 oc:caius astrum (caius astrum)1 oc:gran bun (mcsweezys)25 dragon7007 fictional species45353 lagomorph3945 mammal74776 rabbit3828 anthro56736 accidental impregnation1 age difference13 an egg being attacked by sperm69 anthro/anthro2462 areola9536 breasts26425 chest fluff5902 commission4391 creampie1967 cum5053 cum inside1330 dialogue5062 duo17543 egg cell20 erection5799 female59275 fluff15134 grayscale2259 horns4385 huge breasts3098 impregnation124 internal view1927 interspecies2801 looking at each other1511 looking down1061 looking up783 male34777 male/female6700 mature621 mature female607 monochrome5903 nipples16138 nudity31657 one eye closed2587 penetration5433 penis11939 picture-in-picture1221 scales2155 sex8236 shipping4611 simple background21398 sitting5622 size difference3723 sperm cell80 swearing115 tail39282 talking6271 vaginal2164 vaginal creampie481 vein bulge116 vulgar399 vulva12623 white background8257


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Anonymous #9E7E
You'll either know you can or you can't… Sounds more like she just wanted him to cum inside.