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safe167870 artist:lunarmoon21239 oc118060 oc:tsovoa levone90 hyena2376 mammal261948 spotted hyena623 2000s14 202426150 female235837 israel24 mascgirl flag9 nostalgia3 solo214114 solo female154863 style emulation566 tomboy300


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Draw or die
Keep redrawing the image until it looks like you’d like it to look. Sometimes it can take a week or a month of working an image to get it where you want it to be. If you took this image, and used it as a sketch, and got some tracing paper or a light table and redrew it a dozen times you might be closer to what you want to see yourself drawing.
Anonymous #1345
I’ll probably never fully understand why certain people on this site just get downvoted to hell… Is there some kind of drama that happened, or do people just not like it THAT much?