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Tumblr Source (Dead)  
The knight failed and is now part of her hoard.
Doodled this dragon girl a while ago, and actually added colors to the thing.
If you have any name suggestions, i’m all ears

safe166589 artist:mcsweezys160 oc116749 oc:titania (mcsweezys)7 dragon20733 fictional species152369 human16422 mammal259456 anthro229394 humanoid11881 armor2334 cave493 colored sclera14644 confused376 dialogue18140 dragon hoard5 dragoness6395 duo56347 female233328 gold535 hoard23 holding object3535 horns17503 knight188 larger female353 looking at each other5200 male101387 scales17604 size difference7408 speech bubble13013 spread wings6126 stalagtite7 sword2949 talking20454 treasure87 weapon8181 wings26155 yellow sclera2219


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