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Viw's Art

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"Catch up on any NATG I theme"

So I forgot the MLP-ATG-Alumni group wasn't taking submissions anymore, oh well…

Here's Katyusha from Girls Und Panzer ponfied. If you haven't seen this anime do yourself a favor.

I had fun trying to make a snowy brush.

Happy to read any comments or critique you may have.💙
Constructive criticism only please.
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safe37790 artist:redquoz209 earth pony3714 equine16421 fictional species35112 mammal54739 pony14101 semi-anthro3076 friendship is magic14522 hasbro15830 my little pony15688 blue eyes5406 clothes23547 colored hooves46 crossover1569 fangs3670 female42144 fur19639 girls und panzer1 hair14067 helmet408 hooves5037 katyusha (girls und panzer)1 mare6073 open mouth11796 open smile723 ponified513 purple fur833 sharp teeth4921 smiling11864 solo41867 solo female25476 species swap1553 tank15 teeth7603 tongue8663 underhoof733 uniform174 vehicle404 yellow hair597


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