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safe131754 artist:alexiscreed029 amy rose (sonic)1453 avatar (sonic)22 big the cat (sonic)86 blaze the cat (sonic)722 chaos (sonic)44 charmy bee (sonic)84 cheese (sonic)134 cosmo (sonic)54 cream the rabbit (sonic)440 doctor eggman (sonic)232 e-123 omega (sonic)41 espio the chameleon (sonic)115 knuckles the echidna (sonic)557 marine the raccoon (sonic)90 metal sonic (sonic)107 miles "tails" prower (sonic)1410 rouge the bat (sonic)1611 shadow the hedgehog (sonic)692 silver the hedgehog (sonic)335 sonic the hedgehog (sonic)2236 tangle the lemur (sonic)300 tikal the echidna (sonic)132 vanilla the rabbit (sonic)326 vector the crocodile (sonic)98 whisper the wolf (sonic)302 arthropod4623 bat2771 bee569 canine68694 cat17876 chameleon320 chao266 crocodile610 crocodilian1188 echidna714 feline34804 fictional species120689 fox24847 hedgehog4070 human12829 insect2519 lagomorph11594 lemur505 lizard2372 mammal202266 marsupial3107 monotreme767 primate1079 quokka23 rabbit11193 red fox3119 reptile14946 robot2864 seedrian (sonic)56 wolf14588 anthro175286 feral58033 idw sonic the hedgehog661 sega9887 sonic forces62 sonic the hedgehog (series)9855 sonic x132 202318045 barry the quokka (sonic)16 blue body7280 blue eyes13953 blue fur7183 bottomwear22671 chaotix (sonic)30 clothes101726 dress6904 eyelashes56944 fur92369 green eyes11403 group12315 ian jr (sonic)2 lavender fur84 multiple tails1759 mustache112 one eye closed8828 orange body5757 orange fur5530 piko piko hammer98 pink body3009 pink fur2042 purple body3223 purple eyes3999 purple fur2370 red body2793 red eyes5535 red fur1981 sage (sonic)18 sandals695 shoes9601 super sonic118 tail119151 the murder of sonic the hedgehog26 trash can63 two tails862 wall of tags327 wings21412 yellow body5127 yellow eyes3914 yellow fur4541


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