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Bad art

safe163980 artist:rolo37 oc114511 oc only76640 oc:rolo (rolo)37 cat23826 feline44762 mammal255253 anthro225642 202334145 2d20471 blushing42290 clothes134367 comic10003 cute14716 dialogue17835 embarrassed2120 featured image281 nonbinary592 offscreen character10477 shirt18511 solo208442 solo nonbinary222 speech bubble12726 sweat6817 sweatdrop936 talking20148 topwear41527


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So, not exactly a compliment, but someone on deviantart put my art in her favourites, i checked her profile and her art was so good. Like, my art does not look that good yet it was liked by a great artist like that, especially about a ship that is unpopular.
Elly Catfox
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Whoaaaaa! okay first off, I love the image’s message. >^_^< Totally beautiful and so important for such a cutie to remember! ♡♡♡
That said, I love the numbers here at this moment in time:
post number 259025, whose digit sum is 23 and I became the 23rd favorite on this as well
29 score, with 29 images of rolo
56665 oc only posts, a wonderful palindrome
30 likes and 2 comments moving to 3 as i post this, in doing so superceding the 32 images here drawn by rolo
13742 images tagged dialogue- 137 being the rough reciprocal of the fine structure constant, 42 being the answer to everything in the universe, equaling 2x3x7
34107 images for feline and 341 for nonbinary, nonbinary tag being right next to the shirt tag, its reflection at 14003, albeit with the 00 looking like cute little eyes peering out. 0.0 >^_^<
17461 for cat and 171799 for anthro, thats 3 little 17s bunched up there all nice in thw corner, the streams crossing not unlike rolo’s cute lil arms above in every single panel of the comic as they work through their nervouscitement in the body, the prescious bean.
Bunched and crossing are their arms yet they are flowing all the same, their eyes darting above to and fro as they wiggle and bend with time’s flo.
Beautiful beautiful message about the power of encouragement with a delightful fellow feline artist on center stage, daring t be thems3lves posting their art for the world to see, being vulnerable and being th4mselves with whatever quirks they have. :3
nyaaaaaaamaste ♡ :o >^_^< ~
Edit: :O nyaow it is 40 score, with 42 likes and 2 dislikes on september 4th. I see the ratios nya. >^_^<
Even Worse Kobold -

Thats the thing with little to absolute zero self confidence.
One does not know how to say the words “Thank you” in the direct path of praise, gratitude or appreciation. And if backed into a corner to be pressured into acknowledge it, It is extremely common to be completely out of the comfort zone. One may downplay it further or freeze up entirely. Feeling “positive” about ones efforts and gaining attention for it can be uncomfortable and burdening (or feeling unworthy.) If you manage to drag a “Thank you” out of them, Whether they mean it or not is another story for you to figure out.
Sadly…Its the only way one might know. No other way is possible in ones mind. Possibly due to past events and/or trauma related events outright leading to a lack or no confidence at all.
…There are ways “if” you know how to get a sincere “thank you” out of someone and utterly launch their confidence into the air instead of dragging it out of them. Describe their efforts in great detail, Prove to them you SEE the effort:
“Your efforts have absolutely paid off, There is no doubt about that. It takes a special skill and great patience to achieve what you have created. There are not many who can do what you have done. You have spent a considerable amount of effort and time to appreciate the finer details. Look! See how you have perfected “this” detail? and “That” detail?
The evidence is clear, If you decide to create more you will only come to greater outcomes.
You have yourself to thank for this, The practice you put in and the effort for the final outcome. Take pride in what you have done. I do hope you make another. I would be honoured to see the next outcome when the time is right for you. Well done.”
…Sometimes however…You might not get an outright thank you. But with the right words, Encouragement can give who ever needs it a little boost and much needed emotional support. Gratitude can come later.