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Well, at least Discord is more pacifistic than Flippy, even they both share shy girlfriends, but Fluttershy is more assertive than Flaky.

safe142290 artist:coshi_dragonite5 angel bunny (mlp)93 discord (mlp)346 flippy (htf)15 fluttershy (mlp)2290 bear3683 draconequus366 equine37129 fictional species129186 lagomorph12786 mammal217560 rabbit12325 anthro189981 feral60336 friendship is magic29127 happy tree friends121 hasbro35139 my little pony34655 abstract background6185 angry2565 clothes111018 crossover5457 female193555 group13147 herbivore vs carnivore4 knife677 male85821 mare13421 military uniform159 nervous465 pointing480 speech bubble10256 stare48 sweatdrop820


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Anonymous #7A86
Not only did Fluttershy not say the magic word, Discord just used a contraction.