safe118257 artist:jeniak95 oc79384 oc only51469 canine61212 dog18619 mammal182781 semi-anthro7959 ambiguous gender16912 black background632 black collar23 black nose23884 blonde hair3139 blue eyes12845 fur81263 hair71087 headphones790 headwear6584 one eye closed8151 pixel art1361 scene fashion89 simple background50130 sitting13524 smiling35707 solo146823 white body13763 white fur13679 winking2252 yellow body4819 yellow fur4299 yellow hair1093


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Lily Fathom
I honestly think my neighborhood thinks I got music persionality disorder. I listen to anything from cyber/electronic, to contemporary Christian, to hard rock.
I love this style of art. I would totally buy this sticker if it was avalable on Redbubble