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suggestive54865 alternate version23629 artist:mleonheart3362 malzeno30 anthro220774 capcom1023 monster hunter945 202333696 beach8545 belly button55196 bikini16080 breasts141962 cameltoe5713 clothes130855 detailed background25783 digital art103684 ears92604 elder dragon82 eyelashes78826 fluff42910 gold bikini379 huge breasts22725 licking5127 licking lips2251 lipstick1315 looking at you81330 makeup4621 micro bikini1905 mirror731 neck fluff11015 nipple outline6419 open mouth57267 palm tree1061 plant8387 scales16798 sharp teeth19995 swimsuit18294 tail150134 teeth30917 thighs90448 tongue45752 tongue out24740 tree7333 wide hips78913


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Anonymous #6F59
For anyone who hasn’t read the wiki. Malzeno was a dragon who had been infected by quro who covered there neck and arms while feeding on his blood they supply it with small amounts to live so its a parasitic relationship with beneficial properties.