safe118299 artist:flutterthrash114 ashley graham (resident evil)94 mammal182839 mouse3188 rodent7083 anthro157032 capcom728 resident evil156 20237503 anthrofied5461 bottomwear19352 breasts95438 cheese141 clothes89839 cute11510 dialogue12791 digital art64698 ears55749 eyelashes47614 featured image224 female160495 fur81286 hair71115 moushley89 open mouth43413 shirt12756 skirt5033 solo146869 solo female99974 species swap3441 tail106401 talking14692 text16078 thighs55667 tongue34586 topwear26542 wide hips45254


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Anonymous #8787
Leon: “Well, unless the plagas are lethally lactose intolerant, that’s not gonna help us.”
(five hours later, as they’re jetskiing away into the sunrise)
Leon: “I can’t believe the plagas were lethally lactose intolerant.”