‘You decide to leave the door unlocked, if the first door stays jammed a few minutes it should suffice to buy time. You enter the next room where your contact claimed they were in. You hear the jingling of bells. A strange character appears before you.’
3 lives remain.
suggestive31061 artist:ozoneserpent191 oc68132 oc only44073 oc:jingle2 canine51391 fictional species94930 mammal156310 wolf10779 anthro132750 comic:the boogies48 202219666 breasts78402 bum450 butt30596 clothes75542 cyoa48 detailed background6460 digital art51911 doorway92 female136585 hair58938 jester15 looking at you50091 looking back13483 looking back at you9077 rear view11505 sideboob6275 solo125599 solo female85670 tail90370 text13309 thighs44045


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