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Commission for @EatchaHeckin featuring their utterly beautiful dragoness Abbie!
Mental note: if your huge dragoness friend offers to have lunch with you but there are no restaurants anywhere around, chances are high that YOU’RE what’s on her menu. I learned that the fun way!

suggestive49395 artist:dragons and drawings42 dragon18604 fictional species137415 human14828 mammal232499 anthro205198 breasts130465 butt47349 female207826 female focus6935 hand on butt1425 horns15415 huge breasts20921 huge butt4463 looking back19930 male91052 post vore31 sentient fat11 solo focus9665 tail138884 thick thighs21651 thighs81430 vore5567 wide hips70666


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