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Squirrel Legacy II: Children of the Nut

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I drew a picture of Misty the alicorn that can be found in chapter 1 of “Make your Mark”. It’s the first time I draw her and I’m proud to draw it. How do you like it?

Base used by Emperor-Anri

It is drawn with my drawing app Medibang-Paint

safe150514 artist:mrstheartist926 misty (mlp g5)186 alicorn4911 equine38206 fictional species136719 mammal231387 pony31637 feral62693 hasbro35963 my little pony35469 my little pony g52245 my little pony: make your mark61 spoiler1585 spoiler:my little pony g52246 alicornified84 base used1302 blue body8335 blushing38543 cute13596 embarrassed1874 female206771 gradient background3740 green eyes13007 mare13721 mistycorn2 race swap153 solo188828 solo female136332


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@Anonymous #D5DC
I thought Misty was an alicorn when I drew her on September 27, 2022. I’m really sorry for this mistake. Next time I’ll pay attention to every little detail about her so I don’t make mistakes.
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Anonymous #D5DC
Alicorn Misty? I don’t think misty is worthy if being a princess (even though she is my favourite character out of mlp g5) but the drawing is SUPER cute 😍 💖!
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