The @RexxySexxy now has a beautiful and elegant rocket. Be happy!🚀✨
safe118452 artist:sofiko-ko2 oc79518 oc:rusty gears8 cat15929 earth pony7227 equine34519 feline31228 fictional species109933 mammal183110 pony28685 hasbro32723 my little pony32271 202225639 bandaid118 bandaid on nose3 box359 cardboard box36 clothes89954 cute11521 female160706 filly862 foal826 heterochromia925 high res22580 legwear13360 looking at you58787 looking back15573 looking back at you10595 ocbetes413 open mouth43450 open smile5407 rocket38 sitting13540 smiling35725 smiling at you9904 socks2042 solo147075 space helmet1 striped clothes797 striped legwear623 toy464 young3514 younger389


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