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Squirrel Legacy II: Children of the Nut

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The @RexxySexxy now has a beautiful and elegant rocket. Be happy!🚀✨

safe150524 artist:sofiko-ko2 oc103887 oc:rusty gears9 cat21098 earth pony8034 equine38210 feline40192 fictional species136737 mammal231403 pony31641 hasbro35967 my little pony35473 202228760 bandaid156 bandaid on nose10 box405 cardboard box41 clothes119876 cute13596 female206782 filly974 foal1120 heterochromia1288 high res23915 legwear18562 looking at you75428 looking back19856 looking back at you14004 ocbetes437 open mouth53712 open smile6947 rocket41 sitting17334 smiling43170 smiling at you12522 socks2448 solo188838 solo female136340 space helmet3 striped clothes996 striped legwear761 toy762 young4451 younger545


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