If Seb the Pony giggles, it’s because of Boomerang Beauty’s sneezes that make a kind of high-pitched, cute noise.
Base used by BubsBases
safe93813 artist:mrstheartist680 oc64581 oc only41958 oc:boomerang beauty70 oc:seb the pony167 equine30033 fictional species88858 mammal145781 pegasus7453 pony24899 feral47367 friendship is magic23677 hasbro28673 my little pony28244 about to sneeze1 base used1014 bipedal1164 black outline950 colored wingtips117 derp187 duo32985 faic74 female127064 floppy ears3192 giggling42 male61494 mare10776 open mouth35250 simple background40669 stallion2712 transparent background6525 wallpaper7768 wings17475


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