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Maple! A Canadian reindeer who just might cuddle you to death <3 🦌🍁
… do you accept the risk?? https://t.co/AtjYcEY2Rx

safe131830 artist:jayrnski44 oc88825 oc:maple (jayrnski)20 cervid5094 deer4905 mammal202477 reindeer995 anthro175436 202226968 antlers2403 bleating5 blushing34196 bottomwear22694 brown body9977 brown fur10204 clothes101828 female179184 flannel shirt40 food7568 fur92446 green eyes11443 heart9301 kneeling6668 multicolored fur6623 necktie1288 pancakes105 reference sheet2839 shirt14379 skirt5545 smiling38586 solo164481 solo female112275 tail119233 tail wag1257 text18122 topwear31157 two toned body3949 two toned fur3057


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