safe118263 artist:mikripkm73 marshal (animal crossing)50 raymond (animal crossing)172 sasha (animal crossing)67 alolan meowth15 alolan vulpix152 cat15873 cervid4673 chipmunk886 deer4457 feline31149 fictional species109804 lagomorph10493 mammal182790 meowth88 pachirisu51 rabbit10208 rodent7083 scorbunny264 squirrel1802 vulpix427 anthro156986 feral54616 animal crossing5414 animal crossing: new horizons626 nintendo44743 pokémon32570 202225636 2d12441 2d animation3649 all fours1991 ambiguous gender16912 animated7283 behaving like a cat284 black nose23888 blinking745 cheek kiss31 clothes89816 cuddling773 dedenne15 digital art64696 doe708 ears55739 eyes closed14306 female160458 fur81274 gif5025 glasses9123 hug2334 open mouth43409 paws20362 shirt12756 starter pokémon7225 tail106384 tongue34580 topwear26539 whiskers2407 wiggle25


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Anonymous #CB95
GOD That’s adorable!
Marshal being kissed like that
Which startles him for a moment
And the way Sasha walks…
Warms my heart. I want to
Kiss and hug them to death!