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Squirrel Legacy II: Children of the Nut

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safe150523 artist:mikripkm97 marshal (animal crossing)60 raymond (animal crossing)186 sasha (animal crossing)97 alolan meowth20 alolan vulpix183 cat21097 cervid5816 chipmunk1160 dedenne20 deer5695 feline40191 fictional species136734 lagomorph13819 mammal231402 meowth123 pachirisu69 rabbit13270 rodent9165 scorbunny308 squirrel2369 vulpix519 anthro204145 feral62699 animal crossing6930 animal crossing: new horizons1120 nintendo59200 pokémon44320 202228760 2d16527 2d animation4344 all fours2518 ambiguous gender21125 animated8630 behaving like a cat422 black nose32668 blinking818 cheek kiss32 clothes119874 cuddling932 digital art91488 doe925 ears83019 eyes closed17904 female206781 fur109843 gif5803 glasses12006 hug2832 on model2345 open mouth53711 paws25742 shirt16704 starter pokémon9833 tail138044 tongue42766 topwear37135 whiskers2728 wiggle34


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Anonymous #CB95
GOD That’s adorable!
Marshal being kissed like that
Which startles him for a moment
And the way Sasha walks…
Warms my heart. I want to
Kiss and hug them to death!