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My advice to aggressive bronies and edgelord fedora tippers…
Leave this cruel world of mundanes behind and join with the caring waifus in happy horse land!
safe77469 artist:curtsibling16 fluttershy (mlp)1655 twilight sparkle (mlp)1998 equine27398 fictional species74352 mammal123181 pegasus6836 pony22927 friendship is magic21900 hasbro26371 my little pony25971 20162630 comedy15 dark comedy4 dialogue9411 female106012 funny200 gallows1 humor155 implied hanging1 implied suicide1 it's a trap6 join us1 mare9754 noose7 portal to equestria1 semi-grimdark72 simple background34557 speech bubble6156 suicide9 talking11040 talking to viewer1034 text10660 transparent background5781


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