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i think about these kinda things a lot

dead source2279 safe157320 artist:itsjustbeek4 eeveelution10007 fictional species143146 mammal242888 sylveon1725 feral64738 nintendo62061 pokémon46447 abuse166 ambiguous gender22159 angry2824 blue eyes16538 bullying61 crying1847 dialogue17100 evil129 fangs10343 frowning1672 offscreen character9854 raised paw83 ribbon1092 sad1137 sharp teeth19491 signature19444 simple background67903 sitting18277 solo197960 solo ambiguous10378 tail145016 talking19367 teeth30152 yelling131


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It was, the original Tumblr post is at the source, it’s just now a dead source since all the posts were removed for whatever reason (doesn’t seem to be related to the NSFW purge).

The Snack-sol
Also, I’ve seen this image before and I believed it originated from tumblr but it might’ve gotten taken down since.