Roxanne the Animatronic wolf
Loona art in the background by @missaka_
#FNAF #fnafsecuritybreach #Roxanne
suggestive27212 alternate version13128 artist:missaka5 artist:shepherd0821227 loona (vivzmind)2841 roxanne wolf (fnaf)537 animatronic220 canine45186 fictional species83256 mammal138324 robot1477 wolf9457 anthro115892 five nights at freddy's822 five nights at freddy's: security breach597 hazbin hotel3000 helluva boss3049 202213045 big breasts21712 breasts67603 clothes66381 ears35614 female119824 green hair1122 hair51587 implied lesbian47 long hair4496 looking at you43568 multicolored hair1967 penetrable sex toy71 see-through1766 sex toy2292 smiling28967 smiling at you7857 solo109579 solo female75502 tail79904 thick thighs10226 thighs35888 two toned hair1182 white hair2879


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Anonymous #A5D5
Extra hand with Fleshlight/onee-hole
attachment. The builder knew what they were doing.
Anonymous #3873
Why does she have a third hand inside her abdomen holding onto that jar-like object?