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head still hurting, but I got nothing better to do, and laying down just makes things worse.
So I went through my references folder, and found some art I liked of Coco, and tried to give that design a bash…
suggestive20030 artist:scorpdk240 coco bandicoot (crash bandicoot)443 bandicoot866 mammal105718 marsupial1786 anthro86279 crash bandicoot (series)948 2022926 big breasts15833 bottomwear10166 breasts47481 chest fluff7520 choker1226 clothes49716 female89191 flower2184 flower in hair597 fluff21550 hair37541 hair accessory940 heart5550 looking at you31309 plant1613 shorts3163 smiling22482 smiling at you4970 solo82496 solo female54829 tank top1385 topwear14442


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