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Didgeree and Lighting Bass are journalists. They are photographing ViolaSeb and their child Ruby Belle for a story on the Ponyville newspaper about how they got married and became the best loving couple in the Ponyville universe.
Background used by morrisonnp
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safe60320 artist:mrstheartist347 oc43416 oc only28419 oc:didgeree87 oc:lighting bass5 oc:ponyseb 2.0218 oc:ruby belle12 oc:viola love50 equine22668 fictional species56734 mammal91806 pegasus5672 pony19265 unicorn6976 friendship is magic18545 hasbro21852 my little pony21557 base used716 black outline729 bow1755 butt15247 camera239 cap554 clothes41957 cutie mark3315 father210 father and child159 female76066 filly534 foal459 hair bow537 hat4532 headwear387 hoodie1251 male40871 male/female8397 mare8318 mother481 mother and child271 parent:oc: ponyseb 2.011 parent:oc:viola love11 parent:violaseb (oc)10 rainbow falls2 stallion2142 topwear12501 unzipped40 violaseb (oc)24 young1870


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