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That Bikini Is Ridiculous, Velvet :I
it really is
but hey, sometimes a little ridiculousness adds spice to life
I was inspired to scribble up an anthro Velvet this morning because of this awesome piece ->
suggestive16760 artist:ecmajor156 velvet reindeer (tfh)46 cervid2479 deer2294 mammal92390 reindeer350 anthro73452 unguligrade anthro2547 them's fightin' herds167 20162144 antlers1137 bell417 bikini3181 breasts38597 butt15379 butt fluff389 chest fluff7014 clothes42340 cloven hooves1011 dewclaw253 ear fluff6287 ears14404 female76627 fluff19512 fur37864 hooves7191 kneeling2369 legwear6101 looking at you25364 monochrome7076 reindeer antlers18 ribbon451 signature10333 simple background26727 sling bikini310 solo71396 solo female47250 stockings3447 swimsuit3789 tail51516 tongue16758 traditional art4811 white background10181


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I would think the sling bikini hooked to the tail would be more common among furries but this is like the only time I’ve seen it.