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It was quite fun to work on this, thanks again!
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Foxy Catgirl ^_^
Really ought to change the rounding argument to start rounding at some point arbitrarily closer to the actual pount when it comes to time. Or change the syntax to say “over” and remove the rounding altogether. Or even divide units of time into 4 different states- “exact”, “over”, “and a half” and “almost.” A year would subdivide the nonexact states into 3 periods of 4 months each. This is intuitive to a human.
Simply rounding to the nearest integer from the halfway point does noone any favors. I have thought about this on occasion before back on Derpibooru, but never thought to voice said thoughts. Here we are discussung the nuissance years later on another site and I still have yet to actually bring the matter to the attention of someone who could actually do something, but progress is progress. Give it 6 more years and I’ll finally have the staff at Robobooru working on it.
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