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Size: 3780x3780 | Tagged: safe, artist:aureai, furbooru exclusive, astra, canine, fox, mammal, vulpine, ambiguous form, furbooru, .svg available, 2020, ambiguous gender, cheek fluff, digital art, eyes closed, featured image, flat colors, fluff, fluffy, fluffy tail, fur, head fluff, high res, it begins, logo, mascot, meta, purple fur, simple background, solo, solo ambiguous, svg, tail, transparent background, vector
Warning: ­čö×cannibalism/vore

predator/prey themed art

Size: 2560x2560 | Tagged: safe, reptile, anthro, black and white, grayscale, group, high res, hyper, hyper belly, impossible fit, inks, lying down, monochrome, on back, theme month, tones, vore, vorecember, xinjinmeng