Artist Aliases Request Thread.

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Pony in training
Evidence: deviant art name iplatartz now redirects to nevedoodle
furaffinity account iplat lists links to inkbunny nevedoodle

Tagging Enthusiast
Twitter handle (_Kyuukon) and old twitter handle (Snow_Kyuukon) VS Patreon name & Furrafinity user profile (excluding tilde character at the start).
Also, Twitter account Pomwolf1 is pokemon NSFW-specific account of Kyuukon. Account is not a secret, his main account reposts safe/questionable content from it.

Tagging Enthusiast
Following artists tags should be aliased into artist:danji-isthmus:
  • artist:missoro — One of the accounts on inkbunny, there are several links in the description leading to the DA
  • artist:danjiisthmus — Username from older inkbunny account and from a bunch of other accounts.
  • artist:craftypillar — this tag does not exist, but it can be related to this artist as well, as can be seen on this
Other links:
Actually, there is a user with username MissOro, and they’re posting their own art here, without artist tags.
Artist -

artist:feralmunchies –> artist:jackrabbit
Recent change to my socials to fall back on my defunct toyhouse username vs feralmunchies.
….tried to read the guide on how to type the tags correctly and I can’t. I apologize, I’m very new to here-
Anonymous #5BC9
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