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Noah Truman
I might already have my website linked, but I wanted more info. Primarily the request for linking accounts. I am writing two different book series. I am looking into getting trade marks for my characters. For the most part both Furbooru, Derpibooru, and other websites that I gave permission under the user agreement are excused due to obvious server-tech reasons. Its on a server in order to be on my account of said website. I study computers and similar.
However, I am wanting to link my Blog and in general my website to make things easier. My family is a little worried about my story and associated characters will be stollen. From what I understand a water mark and or legal name provides a very basic copy right and autor/artist protection. Here is where things get complicated though. My website is partially for representing my books that will soon be published. From what I understand this makes it a commercial type website and not just a persional blog. Is there a standard that I should be fallowing for protecting my art work here on Furbooru?
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