Vending Machine game!

Satu Putra
Artist -

I am wolf therian 🐺
This is inspired by a PokeFarm forum game. Have fun!


  1. Site rules apply.
  2. Don’t use this to trade OCs/adoptables/game items/currency/etc. It’s just a forum game.
  3. Sensitive/NSFW topics should be spoilered.


P1: I put in a black cat.
P2: You got a witch cat!
I put in all of my pokemon cards.
P3: You get all gigantamax pokemon cards!
I put in a crown and a necklace.
P4: You pull out alot of gold and diamonds and got rich!
I put in an Easter Egg.
P5: You get an albino bunny and a chick!
I put in some cupcakes.
And so on.


I put in some huskies.
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Is this just a SCP-914 on β€œ1:1” or β€œrough” settings game
…you get the same quantity of malamutes
I put in a can full of air
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