The Uploader's Guild

Garka la Garka

Garky la Tsuchinoko
Let’s create a new teamwork mechanic! The Uploader’s Guild consists of contributing to the page, while we help other users to have their favorite artists on the page.
And how will we do this?
It’s easy, some people have more free time or desire than others to upload art and share it, as well as others who know artists who are very good, but unknown to the rest of us.
For this reason, here we will have a thread where we can leave links to their galleries, and the uploaders can commit to calmly uploading either their best works or their entire gallery. Or even bring the artist and introduce him to the beautiful es furbooru community!
An example!
A random furry
Ey! I just found this user on Twitter, and love him so much, his art is marvelous, maybe we can upload it here, and share it with others!
Look here for all his galleries: Keroreud
I have no problems uploading galleries of artists, and galleries of characters from some non-famous media as I already do on my own.
Remember to warn if the gallery contains NSFW, please!
Garka la Garka

Garky la Tsuchinoko
I will use this thread for helping Ciaran and his work in the booru as we accord in the discord. Lets see:
And with that, all upper 1000 uploads are covered, hope this works for you
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