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Allstar by Smashmouth
52.50% 21 votes
15.00% 6 votes
12.50% 5 votes
10.00% 4 votes
7.50% 3 votes
2.50% 1 vote
0.00% 0 votes
0.00% 0 votes
0.00% 0 votes
0.00% 0 votes

Poll ends . 40 votes cast so far.


Meow ♡
How do two people who live on the Internet this much differ? The answers are pretty simple. I talk without people being forced to hear me keep talking. I find that balance of talking a lot but not trapping people. I’m also very real and don’t tend to lie and if I do lie, it’s usually a little white lie that’s harmless. I also do step away for a nice stroll sometimes. I also don’t go around controlling what my friends do. If I wanna do something with them, I ask. I get the consent.

Meow ♡
Sleep is for the weak. It is definitely not the fuel to creativity and it definitely doesn’t restore you if you feel sick. There’s no way it keeps you healthy. I shouldn’t have left Anthony when I got back from a night of hanging with friends in college and called him instead of getting my much-needed sleep. His accusations of cheating were clearly filled with love, it really made me feel great to have to fight for a good hour or so when all I had wanted to do since I got home was go to bed.
People aren’t special. There isn’t someone out there who’s amazing and has the ability to help me bring down an entire cult. A singing and dancing file is honestly so fucking boring and not creative and fun in the slightest.
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