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Poll results: What do you need more of the most in your preps?

Knowledge (foraging, gardening, hunting, knotting, medicine)
37.50% 3 votes
water (filtration, storage)
12.50% 1 vote
food stores
12.50% 1 vote
Entertainment & barter (games, lewds and toys, alcohol, gold)
12.50% 1 vote
Energy (batteries, fuels, stoves, solar panels)
12.50% 1 vote
Medical preps
12.50% 1 vote
household goods (TP, soap, condoms)
0.00% 0 votes
outdoor/extreme conditions gear (flashlights, coats, tarp)
0.00% 0 votes
Defense (mace, knives, projectiles, body armor, gas masks, alarm systems)
0.00% 0 votes

Poll ends . 8 votes cast so far.

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Foxy Catgirl ^_^
I am a prepper with 6 years of experience. Use this thread to discuss anything prepping related, from tips on foraging and gardening, to where to buy toilet paper in bulk, to new cybersecurity threats and what you can do about them.

I think the most important thing to have would be a network of friends and contacts in your local area, because then you could pool your resources and knowledge together and have strength in numbers. A large group that is well organized could even impose its will upon other people, through various means.
I have no IRL friends, so I would probably die alone.
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