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I guess that’s why we play pokemon so we can pet them in those games like X and Y or Sun and Moon
Man, those animal shows take me back.
I turned out the opposite, instead I personally became a activist who contributes a lot towards saving and rescuing animals as well as fighting for animal rights. I’ve worked in a rescue shelter as well as protested for animal rights and more protection/action to be done to save & protect animals as well as put an end on animal abuse as well as more protection against our wildlife that is constantly endangered more & more on a daily basis.
I watched free willy, blackfish as well as Dominion(2018) and it inspired me to look past the shows and the cruelty that is put into these entertainment industries. I loved these creatures & found them beautiful but did not want to see them in this condition & cruelty, I believe Whales, Dolphins, sharks, seals & sea lions as well as many other wild animals SHOULD NOT be in captivity, its cruelty, especially ones taken straight out of the wild just for human pleasure industries.
During Shark Week Gordon Ramsey himself made a newer video on what goes on in the Shark Fin Soup Industry across the world & the cruelty/endangerment that goes into it, its honestly sad to see this is still a common thing but a good thing to see is 4/5 Chinese restaurants had banned shark fin soup off their menu & began spreading how its endangering these creatures that play such a important role in the food chain.
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I see. I hope those animals start to recover and avoid more abuse
Same, worst part is, they cannot be rehomed back to the wild due to being too domesticated & used to human interaction. Especially ones born and raised 100% in captivity as they do not know how to survive in the wild, they would only die from starvation or being hunted.
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Dragging the conversation away from that to overwatch
Has anyone thought Reinhardt’s ultimate would be better as a rocket boosted choke slam on 2 people in close range, dealing 250 damage would be better then just a hammer slam that stuns and has a really small hitbox for turning someone into a nail
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