Last one to post wins!

Anonymous #00E0
No one will win here, it is infinite, as long as there are more than 2 users wanted to win here.

I do not want to win here, but more rather to win in my favorite games and real life.

Go ahead, post further if you still want to win this.
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Je Suis Garbage
Life is an eternal cycle of Becoming.

Being a loser, then becoming a winner only to become a loser again. We are all like Sisyphus in that way.

The only winning move would be not to play. Unfortunately we have no choice. We are not just the players, we are the gameboard and the pieces also. We are the game, and how can a game win or lose against itself? Your becoming a loser is not just me becoming a winner, it is the necessary precondition of me becoming a loser and you becoming a winner again. Becoming a winner can not be separated from becoming a loser. As you gain victory, so do I. As I lose, so do you.

As I click 'post' the clock turns again. The cycle begins anew with a fresh set of winners and losers on their way to becoming losers and winners.
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